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Music Boxy

My sister asked me to make a birthday card for her friend's daughter Amelia. For sure, without a doubt, 110%, kiddie cards should be fun! Enter Lawn Fawn's scalloped box card 😍  The thing that Lawn Fawn does right time and time again is their ability to create products which simplifies the card making experience. 😘  Even though it took a little more time than the average card, the die set greatly reduces the time spent measuring and cutting the box panels.
My sister picked out the stamps that she wanted me to use which I then used my copic markers to color. I embossed the music notes background stamp with white embossing powder & distress blended the entire piece. Then they were die cut to fit each of the panels. The extra delight was the music notes suspended on a plastic strip (save those plastic packaging peeps).

I couldn't stop myself so I continued to add more elements on the side. Love that these bunnies are marching to their own beat, making music, being happ…

Mommies Hold Up Half the World

Mommies are important. I know because I am one 😉  Luckily I have a great husband who does his half to hold up our world for our two sons. I cannot even fathom single parents who have to do it all. If you are, kudos to you and kudos to your strong back for holding up your children's worlds.

Here are two cards I've made in a series of homages I'll be making to women figures and mommy friends in my life. I wanted to make non floral Mother's Day cards and most importantly, to keep it simple since I have to make so many.

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Are you ready?

The WOW Card

No doubt I have a soft spot for the first card I've ever made. Lawn Fawn was right there from the very beginning of Card Chick with this uber cute sushi stamp set. Oh come on now, how does one resist?! Look at it! Aren't you hungry?? 😜 I probably wouldn't eat a sushi if it had a face on it, but I'll make an exception for this one.

This stamp set so kawaii.

The Gateway Stamp....drug?

It's probably not a good thing to equate stamping and drugs but really how else do you describe the non stop purchasing of stamps to fulfill this urge to stamp and card make? Is it not an addiction? 😜

Creating the Instagram account (@card.chick), stamping into the wee hours of the morning right before work starts in order to get a project done, and the bazillion of cards I've made started with this one little guy. This was a tag I made for the candy apple favors at my baby sprinkle. Who would have thunk this little tag would have launched me into a whole new *sneeze EXPENSIVE* hobby? It all starts somewhere right? 😅

I already have a lot on my plate. If this was a buffet, my plate would have been piled high and possibly about two seconds away from tipping over. So the purpose of this blog is NOT to add to my plate. It is a place to showcase some cards I make and maybe some thoughts connected to making the card...kind of like a journal of sorts. All my photos are shot on my ip…